Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tips on How to Design a Mobile Website

With an increase in the number of mobile users, Google rolled out Mobilegeddon and with this, it has become important for every website to be either responsive for mobile or to get a mobile website designed. The overall demand is to make all the pages of a website readable on mobile devices so that users won’t have to keep zooming in and out.
The businesses should, however, start focusing on mobile websites and make sure they support all types of files and document.

Here is a list of tips as detailed guidelines on mobile website designing

Think before you decide on your objective for the present and future

While designing mobile websites, do focus on the present trends and actions, but also envision the future ones. Look for the upcoming trends in webs designing and then include them in the website design. Just like the website that were already responsive before Mobilegeddon, because it became common that the number of mobile users are increasing. Make a plan of the website design to be compatible even after a year or two.

Decide before opting for screen resolution

Mobile devices also have different screen resolutions as per the brand. Therefore, the website should be the one that fits in every device used by mobile users. Always test the website for responsiveness before making it on air.

Research on mobile website usage

In order to create a mobile website, do a deep research on mobile usability. Look for the features and functionalities that a mobile looks for in a website to be opened in a mobile browser. Help from market research companies can also be taken to get the exact data. Otherwise take help from professional website designing company in Sydney.

Include the option of viewing full website

The mobile website should always a link to make the user switch to the desktop version if needed. It helps at the time when a viewer is not happy with the design or is not able to find out the option that he/she saw in the desktop website. It is also recommended to add categories and sections to increase the flexibility of the website. Also, the most important button is “Back to Top” that takes the users on the top immediately. It helps the user’s time in scrolling to get on the top.
With the help of above-mentioned points, one can get a website designed for maximum user interaction and user-friendliness.

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