Thursday, 13 August 2015

How to Choose a Strategic Order Management Solution

With the increase in ways to sell online and interact with customers, the traditional retailers have started focusing on tracking their customer’s orders quickly and more efficiently in order to be ahead of the competition. This is done by Order Management System. Let dig deep into it.

What is OMS (Order management System)?

OMS is a computer software system used in a number of industries for order entry and processing. An integrated order management system may encompass these modules:
·         Order processing
·         Product information
·         Vendors, purchasing, and receiving
·         Marketing
·         Financials
·         Inventory available to promise and sourcing
·         Order entry and customer service
·         Financial processing
·         Data analysis and reporting
·         Customers and prospects

Order Management Systems and its integration

An OMS (order management system) is a hub where all the data flows in and out. The data can be from the shopping cart, online storefront, and the inventory system. The OMS is aided by integrations with services and functions in each of those critical areas.
Below mentioned is a graph indicating the relationship between Order Management System and the integrations.
At first, the OMS integrates with the sales channels such as eBay or Amazon. The orders received from these channels are then entered automatically into the platform of order management. After that the integration of OMS with the shopping cart the data of customers back to the platform so that they can see what the users are having in the cart and what are the products being abandoned.
After an order is further processed, it is then updated to the OMS and then processed for the payment by the accounting software automatically. After that the shipping labels are created and then the order is sent to the fulfillment centre.

Benefits of OMS

·         Visibility of business:
·         Task automation
·         Order accuracy
·         Turnaround time


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