Thursday, 29 October 2015

Bring your Website on the Top in Google Searches

The goal of every SEO person   and every SEO service provider is to get on the first page. And if you want to be seen by the target audience, then you will have to be among the top listings.

Once the site gets listed on a search engines, it is then indexed and the content is analyzed. This is how the search engines decide where to put the website in the search engine result pages. Therefore, It is very important to be optimized otherwise it will end up ranking below the competitors.

Key Elements to Increase Your Rankings

Each search engine and directory has its own set of ranking and listing criteria, but they all look at the same basic elements.


Keywords are the phrases and words that the users use to search about anything on the search engines. It can be a single word or a full phrase that describes the search in a best way. Make sure that the keywords you are using makes sense and then use them frequently in the site content.

Title Tag

This is the summary of the content inside the page. The title tag is displayed in the listing in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) and in the browser title bar. The title tag can also be audience specific. For example, “Experienced motorcycle accident and injury attorneys in Arizona”, this is a unique title that is audience specific but make sure not to make it lengthy. The page title should be maximum 65 characters long.

Description Tag

You must have seen short description placed below the titles in the search engine result page. These are called Meta Descriptions. The description should be unique and relevant with the targeted keywords. This factor is not directly responsible for the page ranking, but it impacts the users and, therefore, results in increase or decrease in rankings. The description should not be more than 160 characters with no alphanumeric character.

Header Tag (H1 Tag)

Every page of a website should have a header tag that the users first read. The tag should contain the main keyword and should be bolded to get the visitors attention. Make sure to keep it short and crisp.

Page Content

The content in a website is important for the users as well as the search engines. On a web page, the content should be unique, informative, and attractive. There is no word limit, but it should be a minimum of 500 words.


Navigation means links to your site. The website having good navigation always makes it easy for the visitors to get around the website easily. Also check the links regularly for broken links.


On all the web pages of a website, the sitemap is essential. It guides the search engine to the names and location of the important pages. It helps the search engine bots in speeding up the indexing process.

Image Tag

Not every visitor wants to read the text in the content. Therefore, add images describing the content. Place the image on a relevant space and format it with the alt tag with keywords. The alt tag is very important because the search engine cannot read the images and thus search for the alt tag to understand what the image is about.

The list doesn’t end here, there are so many other elements, but these are the most important ones. If you have any query regarding any element, then contact us. We specialize in professional Search Engine Optimization Services.

See you at the top!


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