Friday, 7 August 2015

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Features that Satisfy Customers

For an e-commerce website, shopping cart is one of the most integral parts of the business. It is very important to have a well-managed and well-developed shopping cart in order to generate more from the online e-commerce business. By the help of a well-developed shopping cart, people can conveniently and easily shop the products as per their requirements. Below mentioned are some of the features that a shopping cart must have:

Payment options

Not everyone likes to pay by cash. Users are now a day preferring to pay online via debit or credit card. Therefore, in order for an e-commerce platform to be compatible with online payment transactions, payment gateways are needed. If your shopping cart supports all online payment options, then it will attract customers.

Able to receive orders online

The orders should also be received using a shopping cart. Get the shopping cart designed in a way that it is able to receive orders online. It will further help in getting the site easily indexed in the search engines.
Effective management of cart

Using a well-developed shopping cart, it becomes easy to manage; the products offered, attributes inventory, display categories, backlog orders, payment methods, settings and other things that are associated with it.

Order tracking

Every customer wants the order to be tracked by them. If he/she gets to know when the order is placed, shipped, and delivered, then trust and confidence is built automatically.

Updated functionality

The functionalities of a shopping cart should include multiple address shipping on a single order and handling the consequences, and tracking the product ID. The shopping cart should support all these functionalities.

Product reviews

Reviews always have a great impact on increasing or decreasing the sales of an e-commerce website. If the website has more reviews, then the chances of buying a product increase by 60%. Therefore, choose the shopping cart or get it customized to allow the customers to rate it and add reviews to it and let "word of mouth" work for you.

Real-Time Inventory

Sometimes it happens with a customer that he/she went through a very long process of placing an order and then came to know that it is out of stock. It is due to the bad inventory management. Therefore, the shopping cart should allow real-time inventory so that the customers can get to know whether the product is available for buying o r not.

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