Monday, 20 July 2015

Amazon & Drop Shipping Integration

As eCommerce took pace, web store have become more efficient to draw in potential customers. In offer a better experience to their customers, online stores have to make their shopping a delight and excel in delivering the order right on time with safety to meet their client’s expectations. Two of the very easy ways to offers these services through your web store is by Amazon shop integration, and drop shipping. To give you a better idea of the two, we have here described them in brief:

Amazon shop integration

Whether you have a small business or own a large enterprise, an Amazon web store can easily help you garner the interests of customers based all over the world. The online web store helps eCommerce businesses to promote their services & products all over the World Wide Web. Easy to operate, scalable, loaded with high standards, and features like product listing, catalog management & shipping have made Amazon a must for web stores. Some of the advantages of integrating your web store with Amazon are:

•    Promote & Sell your products to millions customers worldwide
•    Multiple payment gateways to accept payment via various modes
•    Meet the market demands
•    Professional web designs with built-in widgets-templates

So, what are waiting for? Hire the best Amazon shop integration services at Sites Simply and start selling on Amazon today.

Drop ship suppliers in Sydney

Drop shipping is basically an order fulfillment technique in which a store does not keep the products in stock or inventory but partner with a wholesaler, another retailer, manufacturer, who then sends the products directly to the customers. Generally, the profit depends upon the difference between the wholesale rate & retail price, but retailers also earn commission through a predefined percentage of the entire sale. Drop shipping suppliers helps online store owners to meet the customer requirements without investing any amount in stocking the product or inventory management. Drop shipping has a range of benefits such as:

•    Low capital investment
•    Wide Product Range to offer
•    Reduced risk & more independence
•    Scalable

But, before searching for a drop ship supplier in Sydney, you must have an idea about drop shipping and how wholesalers differ from retailers. Well! One of the major benefits of having a manufacturer is that you can enjoy better pricing and enjoy a good margin.


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