Monday, 31 August 2015

How to Get More Traffic to a Website

If you ask any online marketer about what they like the most in the online world, the answer would be, of course, more customers, and more traffic. In order to get more traffic, several ways can be followed. Below mentioned are few of them:-

1.       Advertise

It is not anything unique. Advertising is the most obvious way to increase traffic on a website. Just adjust the paid strategies so that they meet your goals. Advertising can be done on search engines as well as on social media via PPC and other techniques. If you are going for PPC then pay attention on PPC management services.

2.       Get Social

Producing content that is unique and great is fine, but how will people get to know about it. Here comes the need of social media, the most powerful tool for getting visible online. Each social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Instagram, and other) have their own specialties. Therefore use these platforms wisely.

3.       Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

Optimizing the web content for all the search engines like Google is a practice that will every time work. Pay attention towards improving image alt text. Link the content internally and pay full attention towards the Meta description. While some people say SEO is dead, think again. On-page SEO is and will always be helpful in boosting the organic traffic.

4.       Target Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are of utmost importance when it comes to audience targeting. The keywords are the phrases that a customer type in the search engine to get the desired results. It is always recommended to use long-tail keywords because they account for a majority of the web searches. If you are not focusing on long-tail keywords, then you are surely missing out a lot of target audience.

5.       Start Guest Blogging

If you are securing a blog on a reputed website, then it will surely help a lot in increasing the blog traffic and building the brand. It is also heard online that guest blogging is dead, it isn’t. If you are using spammy techniques for guest blogging, then you may have to suffer. Therefore, proceed with caution.

6.       Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best and powerful tool for a significant uptick in the traffic. By sending emails to the customers helps the brands in getting connecting via discount offers, newsletters, or other means of email. However it is very important to use attractive headlines, subject lines, and call to action. Using them correctly can help in decreasing the bounce rate of an email marketing campaign.

7.       Make Sure Your Site is Responsive and fast

It has become a necessity for all the websites to be mobile-friendly/responsive. This is because more people are opting for mobile to surf online. Also, the speed of the website should be fast so the visitors won’t bounce back.

8.       Go for ORM

The reputation of a website is very important online. The customer first search for online reviews and then shop or decide to take services from a website. A single negative review can lead to change the customer’s mind over the competitors. Therefore always go for online reputation management (ORM) services.

Well, these are not the only points  the list can too way too long. We have mentioned only the important ones. If you have got some other tips that are even better, share with us in the comments. 


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