Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Top 3 SEO Features You Must Know

Search engine optimization has helped a lot of businesses to create brand recognition, serve a vast audience base, and be available all over the internet. Though there is an array of professional SEO companies in Sydney, there are some on page SEO techniques which you can manage on your own without much technical expertise:

XML Sitemap:
XML sitemap helps webmasters to tell search engines the list of URLs available for crawling. This makes the website indexing easier and helps it to rank better. If your website is updated frequently, then you should update your sitemap often to make sure the new pages are properly indexed. There are a range of online sitemap generators where you can generator a sitemap for your website without any cost.

A robots.txt file is a basically a file at the root of your web site which comprises pages or parts of your website, which you don’t want to be accessed or indexed by search engine crawlers. Having a robot.txt file in your site root is thus important to help crawlers find the important pages in your website.

Google Analytics:
Google analytics helps you to calculate your website traffic and useful from the marketing perspective. With the help of Google analytics, you can easily analyse the success of your campaign or have a look into the performance of your product. In this way you can keep a close eye on your website performance.

With these simple and effective SEO rules, you can now take care of some on page optimization factors on your own.

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